A red on Blue Team Cyber Exercise for Students and Professionals.

College Cyber Champion Team will win a $1500 Cash Prize

About Hack the SOC

This CTF is designed to test the skills of intermediate-level blue team analysts. You can compete virtually or in person.

Competitors will be presented with a variety of challenges related to advanced security threats, including identifying and responding to sophisticated attacks, analyzing, and correlating security events and logs, and performing threat hunting and adversary emulation.

Competitors will need to demonstrate their ability to mitigate advanced threats in a timely and effective manner.

Who should attend

This CTF is suitable for intermediate-level users with a solid understanding of defensive security techniques and technologies. It is ideal for those who want to further develop their skills as blue team analysts. The following job roles may be interested in this bundle:

– Intermediate-level Security Analyst
– Intermediate-level Cybersecurity Analyst
– Intermediate-level SOC Analyst
– Intermediate-level Incident Response Analyst
– IT Students or Enthusiasts with some experience in blue team analysis

Please fill out the form below to register for ICS MIAMI's Hack The Soc

The current maximum number of participants allowed for this hands on blue team SOC exercise is 100.  

50 College students (10 teams of 5 competitors) and 50 industry or government (10 teams of 5 competitors). 

What you will need:  

Your own laptop and blue team cyber tools. Your computer should be able to connect to the Internet. 

Each team should designate a captain and a team name. 

When registration is completed, each registered competitor will receive a code that will allow you access to the competition range. 

All scores will be posted online to include the process of each team against each blue team SOC challenge. 

The winning college team will split a cash prize of $1500.00. 

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